Professional Liability Insurance


One of the biggest things so many people overlook when they become an entrepreneur is the different types of insurance you need to make sure all aspects of your business is protected. I can’t stress the importance of making sure you have protection for all circumstances you face as a business owner. You know the old saying, “Everything you say CAN and WILL be used against you”. Well, it’s no different when you are on the other end of the phone, behind a camera, or typing up a blog or Facebook post.

If you provide consulting advice, give a recommendation, or even give a suggestion and your client or audience member and later they determine that it has a negative financial impact on them personally or professionally they can sue you. Yes, you have the First Amendment of freedom of speech but once you become a regular publisher of content you are no longer are just chatting with friends. Once you take on that role, it comes with certain responsibilities and risks. Some of those risks include defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and loss of income due to bad advice.

You need to take full responsibility for your business because if you don’t care about your money and assets, no one else will. You can rely on the First Amendment to be your defense but you have to defend it. Thus, you have to hire and pay an attorney who is going to defend for your right to free speech. And that is not cheap.

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